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Environmental Justice Champion | Climate Justice Leader | Philanthropist

Roishetta Sibley Ozane is an accomplished Environmental Justice Champion and the Founder of The Vessel Project of Louisiana, a small yet impactful mutual aid and environmental justice organization. With a barrier-free approach, The Vessel Project provides emergency assistance to vulnerable citizens in need, including rent, utilities, and emergency shelter.

Roishetta is recognized globally as an environmental justice advocate and has shared her insights and experiences on stages nationally and abroad, including at COP 27 in Egypt. She champions the rights of Black, indigenous, and people of color communities, advocating for justice in the face of many injustices.

In addition to her work with The Vessel Project, Roishetta is a member of various organizations such as the National Association of University Women, McNeese State University Black Alumni Chapter, and a She Leads Fellow Alum for the Power Coalition of Equity and Justice. She has earned numerous accolades for her exceptional work, including the Angel Award, Organizer of the Month, Volunteer of the Week, Listener of the Year, Women’s Earth Alliance Accelerator, Thrive SWLA Thirteen Thriving 30 Something’s, and GRIST 50.

Roishetta's impact has extended beyond the environmental justice sphere. She was recently appointed to sit on the first-ever Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Environmental Justice Roundtable. As a single mother of six, Roishetta's children inspire her to strive for a better world. Her philanthropy and giving heart embody her belief that "no one is good until we are all good."

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