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Marching for a Greener Future: Urgency and Action on Climate Change

This past weekend marked a watershed moment in the global fight against climate change. With over 700 #EndFossilFuels actions spanning across 65 countries, all seven continents, and involving an estimated 600,000 participants, the urgency and importance of the movement have never been clearer. Amidst this global wave of activism, I had the privilege of joining forces with frontline leaders from the Gulfcoast, Appalachia, the Permian basin and others from across the US and across the globe as we marched through the streets of New York City, demanding an end to fossil fuels.

A March to End Fossil Fuels:

The atmosphere was electric as nearly 100,000 individuals joined forces for the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City. Together with passionate activists, community members, and environmental organizations, we raised our voices to call on President Biden to take immediate action and declare a climate emergency. The march served as a powerful symbol of unity and resolve, highlighting the shared determination to combat climate change and protect our planet for future generations.

Rally After The March

Being the opening speaker at the rally was humbling. Speakers included Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Vanessa Nakate, myself, Founder of The Vessel Project of Louisiana, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 808 Christophe Silvera, and others. This rally reminded me that when we stand together and demand action, we have the power to create change. Today was a testament to the strength and resilience of our communities.

A special shoutout to the individuals from the Gulf Coast, especially those from Southwest Louisiana, who showed up and represented. Together, we made a powerful statement that enough is enough. We will no longer allow the fossil fuel industry to harm our environment and communities.

We will continue to fight for a future that prioritizes clean energy, sustainability, and the health of all communities. Thank you to everyone who joined us, raised their voices, and made this rally a success. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, and our demands for a climate emergency declaration will not be ignored.

Representing the Frontlines:

One of the most inspiring aspects of the march was the presence of frontline leaders from areas deeply affected by fossil fuel extraction. Gulfcoast, Appalachia, and Permian basin representatives stood strong, sharing their stories of environmental degradation, health concerns, and the urgent need for transition to renewable energy sources. Their presence served as a stark reminder of the real-life consequences of our continued reliance on fossil fuels and the importance of prioritizing the well-being of affected communities.

Continuing the Action:

While the march was undoubtedly a powerful statement, the battle for a greener future does not end there. In the coming days, I will be joining nonviolent direct actions in New York City, aimed at exerting pressure on President Biden and the financiers who enable the perpetuation of fossil fuel exploitation. It is crucial to maintain momentum and hold those in power accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, in addressing the climate crisis.


The events of this past weekend have demonstrated that the fight against climate change is a global movement, fueled by the passion and dedication of individuals from all walks of life. The scale and reach of the #EndFossilFuels actions highlight the urgent need for immediate action to mitigate the effects of climate change and transition to renewable energy sources. As we continue to march, speak out, and engage in direct actions, let us remember that a greener future is within our reach, but only if we act decisively and collectively. Together, we can make a difference and secure a sustainable planet for generations to come.

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Aqua Thibodeaux
Sep 18, 2023

Roishetta watching you travel the world and speak on things to better our community is beyond amazing. With that beautiful smile that lights up a room, You have made a huge impact on so many people in a positive way i love you and im proud to be your sister.

Sep 18, 2023
Replying to

I love you sister. Thanks for your love and support. Thanks for helping with my children when I’m away. ❤️

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