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Two Sided Monster (Poem)

Environmental racism and social justice,

Two concepts intertwined,

A web of intersectionality,

A reality so unkind.

Polluted air and toxic waste,

Disproportionately affect,

Communities of color and low-income,

A fact we must not neglect.

The landfills and the factories,

Are often placed in their midst,

A burden they cannot escape,

A truth that cannot be dismissed.

Environmental racism,

A form of discrimination,

That has devastating consequences,

On people and their nation.

But environmental racism,

Is not a standalone issue,

It’s connected to social justice,

And the inequities that ensue.

The same communities facing pollution,

Are also faced with oppression,

Systemic racism and injustice,

The root of their oppression.

From housing to education,

To access to healthcare,

These are the systemic barriers,

That keep them in despair.

But we can’t fight for social justice,

Without addressing environmental racism,

We must acknowledge the intersection,

And take action with activism.

Together we must demand change,

And hold those in power accountable,

For the sake of our planet,

And for the sake of all who are vulnerable.

Environmental racism and social justice,

May seem like separate fights,

But they are one and the same,

Inequality we must unite.

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